Logo Il Piastrino


Our will 'and that of those who collaborate with us
and 'to delight you with proposals that reflect the culture
and the resources offered by the territory,
not clued to surprise
with nice details,
keeping unchanged the true flavors.

And the desire 'to see reborn
a place to feel at home,
with the warmth and simplicity,
like nothing else,
They are appreciable.

Riccardo e Claudia

The premises of the restaurant are housed in an old farmhouse surrounded the Begni Park in Pennabilli. In use until the middle 'of the last century, the house has undergone various transformations until the last important restoration, dated 2007, wanted by the proloco Pennabilli and chef Agostini, who engaged extensively in first to make local warm and cozy, while preserving the original soul.

Riccardo Agostini