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Piastrino Food Garden 20 August


On Sunday, August 20, from 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm in the garden of Piastrino, you can enjoy a series of surprise dishes for a free night.


The scents of the delicacies created by the chefs will give rise to a show cooking showcase using BBQ's Barbecue Academy.


Fish delicacies, meat, vegetables, sheepskins of our handmade craftsmen; Naturally accented by a good goblet of Vino San Vito bears and Amarcord brewery beers.


The cocktail list combined with the chef's dishes is made in collaboration with Riviera Gin and the bartender Charles Flamminio.


We are waiting for you to spend a fresh and pleasant evening immersed in nature.




Cost of the evening €. 60,00




Only by reservation - info tel 0541928106

Piastrino Food Garden 20 August Il Piastrino

Riccardo Agostini